Message From the Chairman

Dear friends,

In 1982, As Korfez Group we entered upon a new career in Fethiye of Mediterranean Region. We gained intense emotions and experiences in national and international scale adding new rings to our operation areas and new friendships since our establishment.In the meantime our team overcame the stronger socio-economic storms and left more dynamic as the world and our country fought with them.

With the developed internet and information technologies, We suppose that our world learning lessons from woes and disasters has become a global village in which these problems will be overcome by the combination of power and knowledge. The most important that supports this opinion is the big projects are carried out with new friendships and solution partnerships was formed in our global village.Along with the rising commercial developments in the projects, we see that it is an immutable part of protection of the environment and human values and so we form our business life in this context.

Korfez Group who gets its power from the strong basis and our team of specialists, along with it tries to rise the volume of business,as well as it tries to leave a strong organization in future under favour of strong corporate structure and dynamism.

The most important factor in the success of our group is the professional approach to projects, and self-sacrificing and working seriously valuable team.

Finally we need to thank our team who exert themselves for development of our group  more over than 30 years,to all our employers who gave us the projects trusting us, all issue solution partners and friends.

Yours Sincerely,
Chairman of the Board