Group Profile

Korfez Group is established in Fethiye a city of Mugla Province in 1982.Today having offices in Fethiye which is the central, in Ankara and in Istanbul Korfez Group offers the services in national and international areas. Also we have the Quality Management Certificates as DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, ISO14001:2004 , OHSAS 18001:2007.
Korfez Group includes:
• Korfez Surveying&Planning Co.
• Korfez Design&Construction Co.
• Baymap Aviation Co.
• Baymap Engineering Co.

Korfez Group, as a general approach of Group, has adopted the policy not to swerve the protection of quality standards and the people – environmental awareness in all projects being sure to use the right time and budget to produce effective and professional solutions. That is why we are preferred and took part in national or international projects.

Korfez Group is one of the leading companies forming its own fund of knowledge in surveying and engineering fields carrying out the photogrammetry projects and surveying applications in national and international scale at the aircrafts equipped with its own photogrammetric equipments.

Korfez is a comprehensive engineering company which has added the new branches as construction, road building, geophysics and consolidation services.

Korfez Design&Construction Co. has become the leader in infrastructure, residential (villas, apartments, residences and etc.) and commercial (hotels, business centers, hospitals and etc.) building construction sector. Technical capacity, technical expertise, machinery, crushing plants prove our strength in this field and the strongest evidence of our success.