Baymap Aviation


Baymap Aviation;
– The appointment of Baymap Aviation as the Exclusive Distributor of Piper Aircraft in Turkey was ratified in Airex 2012.


Baymap Aviation has rendered -General Aviation services. 
-Maintenance and repair services since December 19, 2012.

Baymap Aviation can take aerial photographs and videos through unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).


The PIC (Pilot In Command) flights started in January 2013. The pilots having PPL (Private Pilot Licence) can do time-building using specially equipped fleet of aircraft of Baymap.



Baymap Flight School will start working in May 2013.

– From this date on the education in the areas such as
 – PPL (Private Pilot License) 
 – ME-R (Multi Engine Rating) 
 – Night Flight 
 – License Refreshment 
 – License Conversion will be given.